Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – 26 Jun 2023 – Krotos, the innovative audio technology company whose sound design software has been used in blockbusters like Game of Thrones, Avengers, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Terminator, Frozen, and Stranger Things, has now announced a brand new Krotos Studio. Based on valuable user feedback and the evolving requirements of the users, this new update bolsters Krotos Studio’s sound effects generation capabilities. Users gain access to 100+ sound effect presets across eight popular categories, all included in affordable annual and monthly subscription plans.

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While Krotos Studio continues to cater to content creators needing rapid sound effects, this update greatly benefits sound professionals. The updated software offers an advanced, time-efficient tool to generate unique, high-quality, and 100% royalty-free sound effects. Amidst tight schedules, professionals often need to deliver quality sounds quickly. The expanded variety and range of these presets, coupled with Krotos Studio’s sophisticated design, allow professionals to craft sound effects for their projects swiftly.

“Our goal is to empower professionals without compromising quality, shortening the path from their imagination to the final sound,” says Orfeas Boteas, CEO of Krotos.

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As opposed to working with sound libraries, Krotos Studio offers enhanced controls to professionals. Within all major DAWs, Krotos Studio facilitates routing all sounds as separate stems, allowing detailed editing and precise control over mixing. Further, DAW automation can be used to control the timing and emotional nuances of the sounds accurately.

Krotos Studio provides full and unlimited access to all presets, with new additions updated monthly, ensuring an ever-evolving library of sound options. From cinematic projects to commercial productions, Krotos Studio’s continuous growth and flexibility can adapt to any sound design needs.

“Krotos Studio has emerged as one of the most fascinating sound design tools in recent times. Its primary strength is its immediacy, and ease of use with most DAWs, allowing for quick and intuitive creation of unique sounds with great speed. The user interface, while seemingly simple, is performance-driven, which makes creating unique and compelling sounds very easy. The dramatic effects it allows are truly impressive, and I expect Krotos Studio becoming a go-to tool for my sound design work going forward.” – Charles Maynes, Sound Designer / Effects Editor (Spider-Man, Twister, Letters from Iwo Jima, and SEAL Team)

For those curious to explore the immense potential of Krotos Studio, a forever free version is available for immediate download. While providing a taste of Krotos Studio’s capabilities, it already presents considerable scope for creativity.

For a deeper, more expansive sound design experience, Krotos Studio is competitively priced at just $9.99 per month, billed annually. Recognising the varying needs of its diverse user base, Krotos also offers a flexible monthly subscription option at $14.99. All subscriptions can be easily managed and cancelled anytime directly from the user’s account page, eliminating the need to contact customer support.

Krotos is continuing to update and enhance its current product lines that cater to the pro audio community. A pro version of Krotos Studio will take shape throughout 2023. Transition paths will be made available for existing users as the pro version approaches closer to the announcement.


About Krotos

Krotos is the innovative company behind some of the most creative audio tools in the post-production industry. Krotos’ software allows content creators to perform and customise sound easily, saving hours of editing time and allowing them to focus on creativity while injecting more fun into the process. Krotos’ award-winning software has wowed Hollywood and the video game industry and has been used in blockbusters like Game of Thrones, Avengers, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, Terminator, Frozen 2 and Stranger Things.

For more information: https://www.krotosaudio.com/krotos-studio/