AMSTERDAM, SEPTEMBER 6, 2023 NUGEN Audio will feature its AB Assist quick comparison tool at IBC 2023 (Stand P.24). Designed to remove subjectivity and biases, the plug-in allows users to compare multiple pieces of audio ― including different takes, plug-in options, mix revisions, versions of a master, and other elements. To remove any subjectivity or biases in the comparison, blind tests can also be conducted in ‘test’ mode.

Initially released earlier this year for NUGEN subscribers who filled out the company’s annual survey, the plug-in will soon be offered as a full solution, complete with substantial updates. Included among these are the ability to receive and compare up to four audio sources and to compare stereo versions of surround mixes in any channel count. It also now enables multiple plug-in instances to link up and communicate directly rather than using an external send.

“Our engineers have been working hard to enhance our AB Assist plug-in, which will serve as a valuable tool in anyone’s session,” says Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe, Product Specialist, NUGEN Audio. “Used as a standalone or in combination with our other utility solutions ― Jotter and Aligner ― AB Assist is sure to improve workflows and increase creativity. We look forward to showcasing it to IBC attendees.”

A new spin on the former ABX machines, AB Assist provides engineers with an easy-to-use and reliable way to compare two or more pieces of material. Among the useful tools in the plug-in is the test function, which randomly re-labels the streams as X or Y, to ensure a completely unbiased look (in this case, listen) at music samples.

Additionally, an auto-level match function allows the user to match short-term loudness (LUFS) of sources, while a delta function shows the differences between sources. The mono-check feature compares mono fold-downs, and the smooth tool creates fades between sources. The software also features a “trim” function, which allows users to trim the gain on one stream to match the subjective level of the other ― further aiding in its unbiased testing.

The latest version of AB Assist is due for release on October 2, 2023. Visit for more information.



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