Tel Aviv, Israel, 3 August 2023: OOONA, a globally active provider of professional management and production facilities for the media localization industry, announces a new API providing additional functionality to its range of online-accessible support services. The new API is designed to check caption and subtitle files quickly and accurately at the point of ingest, during postproduction and prior to delivery.

“We have developed the API in response to requests from clients who want to accelerate the process of content inspection when they get files from vendors or at pre-export,” says Alex Yoffe, OOONA product manager. “It performs critical checks and generates a text-based report which can be stored for reference or sent to a client along with the file. This is especially useful in ingest and dispatch suites where time is often at a premium. It also ensures that post-production staff accessing the files are alerted to critical information requiring their attention.”

“The API is currently geared to perform a series of critical checks and verifications which we plan to expand with time,” adds Adam Tal, OOONA software architect. “The current list includes:

Reading speed – Validate reading speed constraints.
Profanity – Check for profanity words.
Language – Check that the file content and header match the desired language.
Minimum duration – Check that all subtitles are above a minimum duration.
Maximum duration – Check that all subtitles are below a maximum length limit.
Start TC – Check that all subtitles are after the media start timecode.
End TC – Check that all subtitles are before the media end timecode.
Max lines – Check that all lines are below a line length limitation.
Not bottom – Check that all subtitles are aligned to the bottom.
Not bottom or top – Check for all subtitles that are not aligned to the top or bottom.
Inside segments – Check that all subtitles are inside segments.
Frames per second – Check that all SMPTE values in the file match the fps and that the header fps value is present.
Line length – Validate that all lines are shorter than the specified length.

“Most checks are configurable so that a user can specify the minimum/maximum length, maximum number of subtitle lines, profanity words and so on. We will be working through and adding a long list of checks with lower priority that our clients would like. In addition to the above, the API can perform critical checks that run on all files:

• Check that the file is not corrupt and can be imported.
• Check that all subtitles are timed.
• Check that all subtitles have a duration of more than NNN frames (regardless of the ‘Minimum duration’ check).
• Check for timecode consistency.”

“The API is a powerful new addition to the range of services we offer, sustaining our position as the leading innovator in the media localization support sector,” adds Wayne Garb, OOONA co-founder and CEO. “It dramatically reduces the number of files that need sending for human QC. That in turn gives QC staff the time to focus on files with real issues. The API provides details of what to look for instead of having to trawl through large numbers of valid files. We are confident it will attract strong attention both online and at the 15-18 September IBC 2023 show in Amsterdam where we will be exhibiting on stand 3.C69.”

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