Medialogy Broadcast Deploys Live Delay System for Evangelical TV Network
Accompanying images show the Crystal Vision 3 frame and SBB-4 assignable-pushbutton controller.
London, England, April 29th, 2021 – Medialogy Broadcast announces the completion of a live delay system for the London studios of one of the world’s largest evangelical television networks, with over 14 million viewers around the globe. The system is based on Crystal Vision’s M-CLEANIT app running on the company’s MARBLE-V1 media processing platform within a Vision 3 frame.
“All channels televising live events are well advised to guard against unexpected interruption, comments Ananth Sam, Medialogy Broadcast’s Sales Director. “Our role in this project was to research the available technical options and recommend a solution that would allow the network’s production team to respond quickly and decisively in the event of unexpected interruption during a live transmission. 

“Crystal Vision has achieved a high reputation for the reliability, versatility and cost-efficiency of its signal processors. The solution we recommended and have implemented allows a live 1080i50 HD-SDI signal to be delayed up to 24 seconds. That gives the operators sufficient time to prevent unwanted video or audio content being transmitted.
“One of the deciding factors in the choice we made was the flexibility, speed and efficiency of Crystal Vision’s SBB-4 hardware controller. This has four assignable pushbuttons which encourage fast, confident and decisive action. It is very straightforward to use, including a series of content cleaning tools to match specific productions. Configuration and operation can be performed onsite or via a securely internet-connected remote location.
“Our recommendation was accepted so we liaised with Crystal Vision to deploy the system and provide training to the network’s transmission team. The Vision 3 frame also provides space to accommodate additional Crystal Vision processors if these are required at any time in the future.”
“With its extensive video and audio cover options, M-CLEANIT is ideal for preventing expletives, obscene gestures, wardrobe malfunctions, bloopers, coughing fits and technical problems from making it to air,” adds Stewart McGhie, Crystal Vision’s Head of Sales. “It includes eight cover options to prevent unwanted video from being broadcast. The operator can clean-switch to two different safe video sources or to an HTML-based cover image or animation. Web pages can be stored on a local or external web server or within the Vision 3 frame. 
“The operator can choose to blur the programme video, with a variable user-defined blur amount and a blur fade time of up to 10 seconds, or can make the video black or blue or show colour bars. It is also possible to clean-switch to the live programme, jumping ahead of the offensive content. There are also two audio cover options: the main programme audio feed can be muted, with individual channel selection and a fade time of up to ten seconds, or the operator can switch to a safe audio source. 
“Video and audio cleaning features can be combined. As examples, a video blur can be combined with an audio mute or with an audio switch, and a video switch can be combined with an audio switch.”
3 RU high and holding up to 20 cards, the Vision 3 frame is suitable for higher bandwidth signals such as IP and 4K as well as SDI video and audio. Features include dual syncs distributed to every card, plus fast internal and external communications, multiple outputs, power supply redundancy and complementary SNMP as standard.

About Crystal Vision
Founded in 1996, Crystal Vision ( is a manufacturing company with a focus on broadcast interface and keying products. It has headquarters in Cambridge (UK), an office in the USA and distributors in over 50 countries around the world. Crystal Vision specialises in chroma keyers, logo keyers, upconverters, downconverters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders and video delays. Its video over IP products (software apps that run on media processor hardware) allow systems to grow and mature with the transition. They can work in SDI, IP (ST 2022 and ST 2110) or in an SDI/IP hybrid environment.

About Medialogy Broadcast
A London-based supplier of television and radio broadcast equipment, Medialogy Broadcast ( has specialist experience in integrating studios, OB vehicles and SNG flyaway systems as well as IPTV, OTT, cloud and multiscreen video solutions. Medialogy Broadcast also represents manufacturers in the areas of traffic management, media asset management, storage, archiving, playout, terrestrial transmission and satellite uplink.