Budapest, Hungary. 30 August, 2023 — Lightware Visual Engineering, the leading European AV manufacturer for the professional integrated systems market, announces the launch of Lightware Academy, its new free certified e-learning resource for students and professionals at every level who have a thirst in specialising in the AV market, and gaining or advancing their knowledge of the entire industry.

Based on Lightware’s core principles of openness and knowledge-sharing, Lightware Academy is open to everyone -customers or not- and provides industry-leading content curated by a breadth of seasoned professionals in the area.

Participants can enroll in more than 10 courses, organised into three core categories:

  • Traditional AV: Focused on the use of hardware components, such as audio and video cables, switchers, and matrixes, to transmit and switch audio and video signals between devices.

  • AV-over-IP: It involves the processes behind sending audio, video, and other signals over LAN or WAN networks, the Internet, or both.

  • Room Automation and AV Integration: To cover the seamless integration of  Lightware products with industry-leading 3rd party devices from network switchers to USB webcams, audio systems and other AV or IT infrastructures.

Each course includes immersive learning experiences, on-demand videos accessible anytime and anywhere, and downloadable materials in PDF and PPT.

There are three levels, based on the proficiency and needs of every participant:

  • EXPLORER – Level 1: Includes typical life situations, problems and solutions.
  • ASSOCIATE – Level 2: Involves a deeper technological understanding.
  • EXPERT – Level 3: Covers technical specifications, troubleshooting and system design.

Upon completion, professionals can validate their knowledge with a comprehensive quiz and receive a prestigious certificate as a testament to their achievement.

“Lightware’s commitment to delivering exceptional learning and facilitating open knowledge sharing has always been at the forefront of our mission. Now, with the power of technology and e-learning, we are making this content accessible to everyone. Lightware Academy embarks students on a transformative journey through the ProAV world, to explore everything beyond our solutions and devices and gain in-depth knowledge of the entire industry,” said Gergely Vida, CEO at Lightware Visual Engineering.

The last quarter of 2023 will bring more courses to Levels 1 and 2, while next year will focus on the development of Level 3 sessions. The roadmap also includes the provision of subtitles in various languages and the launch of a dedicated smartphone/tablet app for the Academy.

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