Custom Consoles Module-R Desk and MediaWall Chosen for Elekta’s UK campus

Custom Consoles announces the installation of a Module-R studio control desk and MediaWall multiscreen display support for a newly-completed corporate video production suite at Elekta’s Cornerstone campus in West Sussex. The campus is an international hub for the design, development and manufacturing of precision radiation therapy solutions for treating cancer. The refinements will allow Elekta to produce high-quality video productions for distribution worldwide. The project was coordinated by Dorking-based CS Media.

“Part of our remit for Elekta was to advise on control room furniture that is user-friendly to operate, long-lasting and attractively styled,” says Colin Monk, Technical Director at CS Media. “Module-R and MediaWall meet all those requirements. They also include refinements such as integral cable ducting which simplify equipment installation during the initial control room build and in subsequent years. We recommended the compact version of Module-R as its front-to-back dimensions were fully sufficient to provide the required worktop area and equipment storage capacity. Equipped for use by a three-person control room team, it is a six-bay in-line unit facing directly towards the MediaWall.”

The studio control desk and MediaWall are 3.2 metres in width and positioned with an intervening 50 cm forward gap allowing access for routine maintenance. A 40-channel digital audio mixer occupies the top of bay 2 plus a video production switcher on bay 4. Three of the desk bays incorporate worktop level 4U equipment pods to house ancillary equipment. 3U pods are located on two other bays. Four 22 inch equipment-control screens are mounted on individually adjustable support arms along the desk rear. The desk is supported by four silver-anodised extruded aluminium legs with black floor-skids.

The MediaWall comprises two 1.5 metre beam-length sections and supports three 43 inch-diagonal 4K-UHD HDR display screens in horizontal configuration. Near-field audio monitor loudspeakers are mounted at each side of the screens.

“Module-R allows the exact combination of control desk features to be specified for a given project without incurring the high cost inherent in one-off designs,” adds Neil Reed, Custom Consoles’ Managing Director. “All Module-R desks are based on single bay units which can coordinate into a robust single structure. Each bay is predrilled in multiple positions to allow easy mounting of support arms for video display screens and computer monitors. Monitors can be fitted during the initial installation or added later if needed to match a different workflow.”

“Every Module-R bay is fitted with 19 inch racking to accommodate power distribution units and termination panels,” details Custom Consoles’ sales manager Gary Fuller. “Horizontal and vertical cable ducts are included so wiring can be concealed right through to floor level. Equipment housings are provided along the rear of each desk, either to desktop height or beyond if required. These housings have forward and rear facing access doors to simplify routine equipment maintenance. All Module-R desks are constructed for a long service life and come with a five-year guarantee against component failure during normal use. Some installations have been in use for well over a decade.”

A mix-and-matchable control room furniture system, Custom Consoles’ Module-R series enables aesthetically attractive and long-life broadcast control-room furniture to be configured to meet specific shapes and dimensions from a selection of high-quality pods, base sections, 19 inch rack housings, worktops, end-panel modules and legs. Coordinated desktop-level pods are available as single-bay sections with up 10U chassis capacity. The series includes high-quality single-bay, dual-bay and triple-bay desk sections with front or rear access, work surfaces in matching widths, corner desk sections with integral worktops, slide-out keyboard drawers, equipment pods with 3, 6 or 8U capacity, storage pedestals and equipment bays. Custom Consoles’ Module-R Lite variant was introduced for use in latest-generation IT-based studios or where space is at a premium. The front to back depth of Module-R Lite is 95 cm compared with the 120 cm depth of Module-R.

MediaWall is a video and audio monitor support frame system providing the same combination of structural rigidity and operational versatility as Module-R. Flat-screen video displays of practically any size can be mounted in almost any configuration. Based on height-adjustable horizontal beams and T-slot mounts, MediaWall is fully adjustable to ensure optimal sight lines. Individual or multiple frames can be used in self-supporting mode or coupled directly to the studio wall. Video display screens can be positioned so that the edges meet exactly to form a continuous horizontal display limited only by the monitor panel bezel. Monitor signal and power cables are fully concealed and can enter or leave the structure at any desired point.

Custom Consoles ( is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of project-specific and modular broadcast, process-control and security furniture. Its product range includes motorised and fixed-height desks and ventilated equipment housings. The company operates from a UK-based production facility equipped with 3D computer-aided-design facilities and computer-controlled cutting machinery. These resources provide the dual benefits of precise quality control and prompt delivery times, typically 21 days from receipt of order. Custom Consoles’ clients include governmental and corporate organisations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

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