Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK, 31 August 2023: British universities have a long tradition of supporting advanced technology, both in product development and student training. ATG Danmon was commissioned to build one of the most up-to-date recording and broadcast studio facilities in the country, located within the Faculty of Computing Sciences & Engineering at De Montfort University in Leicester. The objective was to create a facility which accurately reflected a modern production house, including HD and SD editing, networked online and archiving servers, file-based workflow and media asset management.

Designated the Creative Technology Studios, the facility incorporates a large media store enabling collaborative projects to be undertaken with project data accessible from any machine within the facility.

“The CTS project encompassed the installation, configuring and commissioning of a large multidefinition video production facility, technical control room, dedicated video and audio analysis laboratories, two sound studios, four self-op radio studios, a radio control room, plus a highly advanced virtual-reality and fused-media laboratory,” details Paul Shonfeld, ATG Danmon Head of Sales. “Three media production classrooms were also equipped, one housing 21 workstations to give students experience in using the latest HD video and audio production software. Each of the other two media-production classrooms accommodates eight workstations, one dedicated to Mac-based audio and video production, and the other providing experience of comparable PC-based software. Installation was completed in just over two months prior to the commencement of the academic year.”

ATG Danmon also equipped the CTS to provide research facilities and courses in 3D motion capture, gaze-tracking, pressure-sensing virtual-reality and stereoscopic imaging.

In addition to offering leading-edge technology, the studios provide students with real world experience of how things are done in the workplace. They also support research activities to ensure the university’s staff and courses remain at the forefront of developments in the creative industries.

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