New Lineup Includes Hearing Loop Amplifier, Production Intercom, and Infrared Transmitter for Assistive Listening and Team Communication.

Eden Prairie, MN, June 6, 2024 – Williams AV, the leader in assistive communication technology, has announced its technology lineup for InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is debuting three new products at InfoComm, the largest Pro AV trade show in North America, that expands their existing hearing loop, intercom, and infrared audio product lines.

At this year’s InfoComm, visitors to Williams AV’s booth C5533 can get a demo of their latest innovations, including the new Digi-Loop 104 small room hearing loop amplifier, the Digi-Wave ACM production intercom, and the SoundPlus T3 infrared transmitter for assistive listening.

Digi-Loop® 104 – Small Room, Perimeter Hearing Loop

Williams AV expands its assistive listening solutions with the addition of the Digi-Loop 104, an ultra-compact, budget-friendly perimeter loop amplifier for small rooms. This Class D amplifier features high-efficiency technology for lower power consumption and natural cooling, and its user-friendly interface and clear status indicators make it easy for admins to monitor. It also features automatic gain control for superior sound quality and intelligibility. The Digi-Loop 104 is perfect for venues looking to make meeting rooms, waiting rooms, reception areas, and assisted living facilities more inclusive for those with hearing loss and compliant with hearing legislation.

Digi-Wave® ACM – Production Intercom

The latest addition to the popular Digi-Wave product line, the Digi-Wave ACM (Advanced Comms Module) is designed to meet the evolving needs of professional wireless production intercoms. Unlike many wireless intercoms that rely on a fixed base station, the ACM allows users to designate a centralized unit as a flexible access point, ensuring seamless coverage even when teams are on the move. The full-duplex ACM supports up to four subgroups (or channels) and offers customizable subgroup naming as well as pre-programmed names. Key features include an All Call function for simultaneous communication with subgroups and a Private Call function for direct messaging by a team member to a leader.

SoundPlus® T3 – Medium-Area Infrared Transmitter

The new SoundPlus T3 is the latest addition to Williams AV’s infrared product line, offering unrivaled coverage, a discreet form factor, and professional AV inputs. It stands out as one of the industry’s only infrared transmitters that integrates with third-party room systems, allowing AV professionals to control and monitor the device using Telnet commands via Ethernet. Utilizing the newest generation LEDs, the T3 provides 50 percent greater coverage than the existing T2 model, with a coverage pattern designed to flood the room with audio. Its sleek, compact footprint makes it ideal for assistive listening and language interpretation in commercial spaces such as conference rooms, assisted living facilities, cinemas/theaters, classrooms, and courtrooms.


About Williams AV

Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Williams AV is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing professional and consumer assistive communication technology. Since 1976, the company has been breaking down communication barriers with innovative technology that enhances intelligibility and fosters meaningful connections. Williams AV’s comprehensive product portfolio includes assistive listening, interpretation, intercom, guided tours, and entertainment offerings, reflecting a commitment to creating seamless and inclusive communication experiences.

Williams AV is synonymous with innovation, quality, and service, supported by a global network of distributors and integrators in over 60 countries. These partners design and install Williams AV products in venues ranging from classrooms and courtrooms to houses of worship and stadiums, while consumer products are used daily in homes worldwide.