Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK: ATG Danmon, an internationally active broadcast systems integrator, reports a resurgence of investment throughout the broadcast, multimedia video production, and training sectors.

Significant trends experienced during 2022 include the accelerating adoption of IP and an industry-wide transition from HD-SDR to UHD-HDR as the preferred mastering format for new content. Demand for virtual studio technology continues to increase, fostered by the latest-generation studio robotics and graphic rendering systems. IT/IP solutions are in growing demand for their ability to support any style and size of workflow.

Projects completed by ATG Danmon during 2022 included a multi-camera studio and control room upgrade to full UHD capture, routing, recording, monitoring, and archiving for That Lot, one of Europe’s most active providers of social media content production support. The project coincided with relocation to new premises.

A studio upgrade was completed for one of the world’s most active financial management services. This project centred on the design and construction of a fully-featured UHD virtual production facility plus the provision of a high-specification UHD portable production system. It includes broadcast-quality UHD pan/tilt/zoom cameras and an ATG-designed green screen virtual production set. Lighting also demanded careful attention as the building’s dimensions conform to corporate office standards where ceiling height is usually limited to between 2.5 and 2.7 metres. The entire studio system can be powered from standard 13 amp mains.

ITN commissioned ATG Danmon to upgrade the studio control room at the broadcaster’s London headquarters. The project included the integration of a latest-generation production switcher, control surface, and production server. The transition to the new system was completed over a single weekend to ensure the continuity of the facility’s daily transmission schedule. A complete changeover was performed on a Saturday followed by full testing and in-situ training on the Sunday prior to the new system going live on the Monday morning. Everything went fully to plan. The new infrastructure is future-proof and can be upgraded from HD to UHD and SDR to HDR if or when required.

A large-scale university media systems integration project was completed to support a wide range of courses in television and film content creation and post-production as well as research in media-related technology. Phase 1 centered on the installation of interfaces and cabling connecting ground floor, first floor, second floor, third floor and fourth-floor media and studio spaces. Following successful completion of phase 1, ATG Danmon was awarded the tender for the much larger phase 2. This included the design, installation and commissioning of two motion-capture studios, two green-screen studios, a stop-motion studio, film studio, edit suites, a multipurpose studio, a colour grading and editing system, and related audio/video racks infrastructure. The completed facilities give students access to the technology they can expect to be using when they progress into media-related careers.

A broadcast audio system was designed and integrated

A broadcast audio system was designed and integrated into the clock tower adjacent to one of Europe’s longest-established national legislatures. This assignment formed the culmination of a five-year restoration project which included repairs to the clock and the masonry of the tower itself. A key challenge was the need to ensure the faithful reproduction of the bells with minimal intrusion from road traffic. This required relatively close-proximity microphone placement within the belfry plus the ability to handle very loud transient sound without causing distortion in the microphones themselves or in the processing electronics which they feed. The system secured a nationwide audience at the start of 2023 when the bells were broadcast as a core element of the country’s new year celebrations.

ATG Danmon, part of the Danmon Group, is an international systems integrator and a world-class supplier of broadcast systems planning, design, installation and commissioning services. Customers include some of the world’s largest television and multimedia networks. ATG Danmon is also active in the educational and corporate sectors. The company has partnered with many clients in the construction of IT-based automated file workflow systems, high-definition studios, master control rooms and playout facilities, as well as the upgrade of existing SD systems to HD and UHD. With offices in Asia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the Danmon Group (www.danmon.com) thinks globally and acts locally to support customers with its highly experienced sales and engineering teams.