Hampshire, UK; 7 June 2023 Arcade by Output is the latest addition to ARC – Audient’s Software Bundle. Offering the full version of Arcade for an exclusive extended 3-month trial, new and existing Audient and EVO customers can have access to over 50,000 loops and samples with immediate effect.

Audient’s Andy Allen says, “Audient is committed to inspiring creativity and the engine Output created in Arcade delivers a huge library of instruments purposely designed to do just that! We are very excited to be partnering with Output, a fantastic and well respected brand in the audio space and are confident our partnership helps to provide even more added value when our customers choose Audient.”

Brian Zarlenga of Output says, “We have long admired Audient and it is an honour to be included in ARC. We use Audient products in our office and many of our employees are happy Audient customers, so when this opportunity presented itself, it was a natural fit. We sincerely hope Arcade becomes an inspirational tool for Audient users in their creative journey.”

With fresh, new, royalty-free content added weekly, Arcade inspires users by allowing them to easily trigger loops and play chromatic instruments from a wide variety of unique sources, as well as upload their own samples to modify and get creative.  Samples integrate seamlessly into your track, locking to each session key and tempo, while powerful effects provide endless customisation. All sessions created with Arcade will work forever, even if the subscription is cancelled.

Output joins Cubase, Spitfire Audio, M-Tron, Sonarworks and Produce Like a Pro on Audient’s Creative Hub ARC: a comprehensive range of software and offers from the industry’s leading innovators.

“Existing and new customers can get up and running right away with any of the creative tools available from ARC, simply by registering their product,” reiterates Andy. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an ASP8024 Heritage Edition console, Nero monitor controller or an audio interface like the new iD24 or even the EVO 4. Grab your serial number and click through,” says Andy, encouraging everybody to make the most of the ongoing offer.

Full ARC terms and conditions are here.


About Audient

Audient’s mission is to make professional audio quality available to everyone through the power of technology.  Driven to find the balance between audio excellence and user experience, Audient is continuously innovating; designing audio recording products that both empower creativity and simplify the recording process.

A dedication to designing products that balance quality and simplicity, including analogue recording consoles, audio interfaces, mic pres and monitor controllers, has seen Audient build a strong community of music makers in professional and home studios across the globe.

Audient also operates its sub-brand, EVO which aims to make recording both easy and accessible to creatives.

Audient was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in the UK.