Solution Features Brand’s Newest 2012, 2015 and 4055 Mics, Along With the Renowned 4099

ALLEROED, DENMARK, APRIL 4, 2023 ― DPA Microphones (NAMM Show Booth 14504) launches the DDK4000, the company’s first ever Drum Microphone Kit, to help deliver a clear and natural reproduction of the low-frequency, high SPL instrument. Comprised of the brand’s acclaimed 4055 Kick Drum Mic, as well as the new 2012 Cardioid and a stereo pair of the new 2015 Wide Cardioid, the kit also features three of the brand’s renowned 4099 CORE Instrument Mics. With consideration for durability at the forefront of this solution, the kit has been rigorously tested to perform flawlessly for all types of music genres and is designed to withstand the demands of life on the road.

“We are ecstatic to offer sound engineers a perfect drum miking solution with the DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit, comprised of several instrument mics with similar sonic characteristics that allows users to capture a uniform, uncolored sound of the entire drum setup,” says Bo Brinck, Product Specialist/Sound Engineer, DPA Microphones. “Every mic in the kit is designed with linear on- and off-axis response, which helps the sound designer keep the natural direct sound as well as the organic bleed between the drums and cymbals. Beginning with the clear, true sound of the entire kit gives engineers the best starting point to shape the sound. We are very excited for the creative possibilities and high-quality sound that this microphone kit will provide to the industry, and we look forward to presenting it for the first time at NAMM.”

With an intentional use for kick drum-specific applications, the 4055 Kick Drum Microphone offers a very tight, natural, well-defined sound that is not pre-tailored like traditional kick mics. Also, unlike other kick drum mics, the DPA 4055 will provide different sounds depending on its placement relative to the kick drum. Owing to its condenser mic capabilities, the 4055 produces a tight, fast and clean sound even at very high SPL (max SPL is 164 dB). Additionally, its asymmetric design is easy to position both inside and outside the kick drum, making it quick and effortless to find the ideal placement. Its large housing and wind damping foam in front of the capsule, behind the grille, help minimize the pick-up of the air turbulence in front of the hole in the kick drum.

The 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone acts as a reliable, all-around, generalist pencil mic that can capture crystal clear, single-instrument pickup with ease. Unlike dynamic mics, the 2012 combines a robust design with intricate sound pickup, extended frequency range and flat frequency response in a small-form factor for accurate close miking on any live stage setup. The exceptional transient response of the 2012 allows it to cope with high SPLs while also capturing the most delicate of sounds.

Designed for use as an overhead stereo pair on drum kits, the 2015 Compact Wide Cardioid Microphone features uniform, wide cardioid directionality and a linear frequency response. This stereo pair can be positioned closer to the drum kit than normal and captures the balanced sound of the entire instrument with less bleed from the stage. Additionally, the compact design of the 2015 allows for unobtrusive placement at venues of any size, while its durable, reinforced construction means it will last from stage to stage. Both the 2012 and 2015 are pre-polarized condenser mics, each with a specifically designed 17mm (0.67-inch) capsule that is perfectly tailored for its intended application.

Featuring the company’s renowned CORE by DPA amplification technology, the award-winning 4099 CORE Instrument Mics are designed to minimize distortion and increase dynamic range ― from the highest of highs to the lowest of the lows. The kit features the 4099 CORE “Extreme SPL” (109 dB dynamic range) version, which is perfect for drum miking applications. Known for its discreet size and versatile mounting/clip options, this longstanding member of the DPA microphone lineup is a great fit for a variety of applications ranging from the studio and theater to live performances.

Like most DPA solutions, the DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit comes in a sturdy Peli case, which includes microphone holders and adapters. Additional accessories such as a stereo boom, gooseneck mount and corresponding shock mounts are also available. The complete DDK4000 Drum Microphone Kit can be seen in action at the NAMM 2023 show, where it will be shown at the DPA Booth (14504) and used on the Yamaha Grand Stage throughout the event.


Pricing for the DPA Drum Miking Kit is €3,890 EUR, excluding local VAT/tax.



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