Backyard Cinema is Back!

And this time it’s a multi-sensory experience – just don’t forget the flip-flops!

‘Shared, immersive experiences’ get top billing as the nation’s best night out post lockdown, according to new research, as post pandemic millennials crave nights out that offer a collective connection to boost our under-stimulated and deprived senses.

The research – commissioned by the UK’s leading experiential cinema venue, Backyard Cinema – reveals an insatiable appetite – particularly among millennials and gen X’s for entertainment events that dial up all our senses – sight, smell, touch, sight and sound – after such a long period of living in sensory monotone, due to covid.

And it’s not something we want to enjoy alone. Over half of us (55%) deem shared, immersive experiences to be a top priority with 67% considering it even more important for our overall happiness and wellbeing than what we eat, drink, see, hear or touch during a night out. This figure escalated to 75% amongst the 16-24 year olds, and enjoying good times with strangers is equally as thrilling for this age group, as 50% think sharing a collective fun experience with strangers is a top priority for a good night out post lockdown.

Enjoying the pleasure of a ‘shared experience’ with like-minded souls has become the nation’s ‘sixth sense’. Jo Hemmings behavioural psychologist says: “The last two years have really reinforced the importance of shared experiences and human connections. We’ve come to value and cherish the importance of collective connections with the people we love and as such spending time making shared memories is even more important than ever before.

“We also recognise from the pandemic that loneliness and feeling disconnected from others can lead to mental health issues, so making time for our own happiness and wellbeing, by being connected to others has become even more important – especially among young people.

“What Backyard Cinema does so well is to amplify our five senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch – so many of which have taken a back seat for so long and reunite them in a perfect and immersive evening out. It reminds us of what we’ve missed, often yearned for and brings those collective senses back in the best possible way – creating a collaborative and highly pleasurable sixth sense!”

The research also revealed one in three of us (43%) have yet to return to the cinema since the pandemic but almost half of us (47%) think enjoying the shared connection of a favourite film is much more appealing than simply watching a new release. So, the promise of sharing good times with loved ones – or like-minded strangers – with the familiarity of a classic film as a backdrop is a bigger draw than the Hollywood A-listers!

In response to these findings and as the ultimate alternative cinema experience and a ‘must do’ night out, Backyard Cinema’s summer season – with a combination of cult classics, new releases and firm family favourites – is focused on heightening the sensory experience, making it even more immersive and enjoyable for guests to enjoy together including – flip flops are encouraged for that enhanced beach vibe!

Re-opening its doors at the iconic Capital Studios in Wandsworth from 28 March – for a limited 16 week period only – so there are no holds barred in making sure it’s the number one choice for fun, immersive and memorable nights out with loved ones this summer.

Dominic Davies, Founder and CEO of Backyard Cinema, said: “I think it’s fair to say the last few years won’t be remembered as vintage fun times – but with the promise of better times ahead we want to make Backyard Cinema a place where people can rediscover not only their favourite films but their summer party vibe and reconnect with the people they love. Slip into your best summer gear, sing and dance with us, strut your stuff on the beach with us….and have a laugh with a room full of like-minded people. Knowing that spending time with your mates and family, sharing a good night out and making new memories together is also good for your health is even more reason to visit.  Let’s all say cheers to that!”

Miami Beach and L.A. Nights – the sequel
If you were lucky enough to hit the beach or jump on the plane at Backyard Cinema last year you might think you know what’s in store.  Prepare for that rare sequel surprise – something even better than the original film experience!

Miami Beach and L.A. Nights, Backyard Cinema’s two immersive and very different vibes, offer a ‘pan-film’ experience which is a totally unique, relaxed and multi-sensory affair.  Either sit back in one of our comfy bean bag chairs with cocktail and snacks to hand and enjoy the big screen entertainment – or – feel free to come and go as you please and enjoy the wide range of food, drink and entertainment available on site.

All aboard!
Guests arrive at the cinema either by plane or via an art deco hotel lobby and are immediately transported to Backyard Cinema’s unique take on a stateside summer holiday experience, which is enhanced this year by a new cast of musical comedy trained actors for a more immersive     show.   So expect nothing less than an all singing, all dancing summer holiday vibe…havianas (and mojitos) at the ready!

The Backyard Cinema multi-sensory experience includes:
Sight – It’s not all about watching the UK’s biggest new releases or those all-time cult classics on the big screen but how you watch them. Surrounded at every corner with jaw dropping set designs, light shows and selfie moments this cinema is a feast for your senses. Enjoy the likes of The Batman, Death on the Nile, Belfast, Dirty Dancing, Mamma Mia!, Back to The Future and Pitch Perfect, Backyard Cinema summer season has it all.

Sound – Our Sing-along Saturdays give cinemagoers the chance to belt out their favourite songs from film favourites like The Greatest Showman, Rocketman and Pitch Perfect to name a few.

Taste – Come and enjoy signature summer cocktails from the Flamingo Beach Bar before, during and after the film to help find your summer beach vibe. Adult Only Slush Puppies will bring nothing but nostalgia as well as Souvenir mocktails for the kids. Award winning street food from the yard is the perfect addition too.

Smell – Feel that hit of nostalgia as you get transported to fond memories through the aromas you find throughout the detailed sets. Sun cream, sunshine, cocktails, event aeroplane scents will trigger those memories during your visit.

Touch – All guests are encouraged to enjoy the collective summer beach vibe by bringing their flip flops and feel the sand beneath their feet. Or the unbelievably realistic plane setting from the clink of seatbelts, to the cool glass of Champagne.

Collective connection – the sixth sense – According to our new research, sharing your night out at Backyard Cinema with loved ones not only enhances your enjoyment of the experience but also makes you happier and improves your wellbeing too.  So, it’s official – Backyard Cinema is good for your health!

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